The Myth of “The Most Secure Election”

November 30, 2020


by Randall Brink

Since Election Day, November 3, 2020, there have been myriad reports from witnesses to violations of state and local election laws in the key states in which the presidential election outcome has yet to be determined. There have been eye-opening statistical analyses, sworn testimony of witnesses, in addition to video of the broad array of irregularities. Despite the Democrat’s instance that there “is no evidence” of election fraud, the sheer volume of evidence is breathtaking and cannot be ignored.

The chronicle of fraud perpetrated on the American electorate began when vote counts were suddenly halted on election night, when it appeared clear that the president was headed for an historic landslide. At that time, a number of illegal acts occured: Blank ballots were introduced into the Dpminion Voting Systems vote tabulating machines; incomplete, erroneously-marked or improperly mailed ballots were filled out or corrected (“cured”) by Democrat poll workers. There were blank or pre-marked ballots sent to vote-counting places in Michigan and Pennsylvania, by the truckload, to be introduced into the presidential election count. (albeit significantly not into the down-ballot contests.) There were reports of groups of thousands of “mail-in” ballots marked for Biden, where within the mass of ballots, none were cast for President Trump—an example of the statistical improbability, if not impossibility, of a Biden win. (It is noteworthy that Biden went from an 8-to-1 odds of winning on election night to receiving the most votes ever for a U.S. Presidential candidate.)

There were “pristine” mail-in ballots, that had never been folded for insertion into mailing envelopes, and on different paper stock from official ballots, being filled out and fed into the Dominion Voting Systems machines. In Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan, there were more votes casts than there were registered voters in those jurisdictions. Wisconsin had a 90 percent voter turnout—a statistical impossibility.

In Pennsylvania and Georgia, bogus ballots marked for Joe Biden were substituted for legitimate ballots cast for President Donald Trump. In Georgia, the Dominion Voting Systems tablulating machines were “recalibrated” just prior to the start of the election day process. The Dominion vote counting computers, say IT expert witnesses, were designed and programmed to change or “flip” votes on command. They were designed to manipulate the results.

Would irregularities like these seem acceptable occuring in the conduct of a fair election in a free country?

Of course not.

Yet the Biden campaign, the Democrat party in general, and their cohorts in the American media, have, as a part of their collective narrative, scoffed at the notion of election fraud. I have yet to see a news story about the 2020 national election reported by the national network media, that did not incorporate statement that there is “no evidence” of election fraud. None of the left-wing Democrat media has seriously investigated allegations of election fraud, much less acknowledged the substantial accumulation of evidence—sworn affidavits, video and statistical data that shows the mathematical unlikelihood or outright impossibility of a Biden victory.

[Updated December 7, 2020]

A day of reckoning awaits the perpetrators of the most flagrant elecion fraud in modern American history. That reckoning will likely occur in the days ahead as the result of actions of the U.S. Federal courts, specifically the United States Supreme Court. The Court has already taken judicial notice of the electoral disputes in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, and in all likelihood, Arizona and Nevada as well. SCOTUS has taken notice of the failure of the state courts and, in at least two cases, the U.S. Circuit Courts for the Third and Eleventh Districts, whereupon the circuit courts failed to act in accordance with law and precedent and dismissed cases for lack of standing, evidence, etc.

However, the eidence of ballot box stuffing, substitution of votes, illegal counting of spoiled ballots, and manipulation of vote tasbulations through the widespread use of the Dominion Voting Systems machinery, are clear violations of the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constituion. Such will surely not escape the scrutiny of the USSC. Every unlawfully counted ballot is a denial of equal protection of those casting proper, lawful ballots.

On Sunday, November 6, 2020, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who had issued an order for Pennsylvania officials to respond by December 9 to a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelley, moved that deadline to December 8. This is significant, becuase it may signal that the hearing is a precursor to the U.S. Supreme Court taking up the case on certiorari, as well as possibly consolidating all of the Federal election disputes, including those in regard to Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Stay tuned.

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